Simon has worked over a wide range of video productions, from corporate to documentary. He is an editor and camera man and has worked as such over Europe and Worldwide, and has set his sights on adventure program production further afield, believing in the power of visual communication and good story telling! He also loves paragliding, biking, skiing, windsurfing, surfing, diving, travel, wildlife and good food and company.

Publication for InBroadcast digital magazine about the challenges of filming in hostile environments.

Simon talks about the Compass15 Solo 3-Stage Miller tripod and the challenges faced filming in Antarctica & the sweltering volcanic beaches of Ascension Island for InBroadcast Digital Magazine [pageview url=”!” height=”800px” scrolling=”yes”]

Pitcairn Island calls!

Now on the horizon in late May is the third major trip of this huge documentary filming adventure for the UK Overseas Territories! We have been flung over the roaring white foaming seas of Antarctica, 60 degrees South, the roughest oceans on Earth, and to the parched and arid landscapes of Ascension Island, to the…

nanoFlash and Sony EX3 setup for the trip. Chief operator wildlife cameraman Simon Vacher at the controls.

nanoFlash and EX1

Here’s a photo of the EX and the nanoFlash set up on the hotshot of the EX1. The same kind of workflow that Frozen Planet and Top Gear have been using. A good setup, though a bit cumbersome for those nippy hand held shots, especially with the battery Velcro’ed to the side. We will see.…