Documentary cameraman Simon Vacher and producer Stewart McPherson travel to all fourteen UK territories to document the incredible diversity of these land masses and islands.

Documentary filming project on the UK Overseas Territories

A new adventure is dawning for me. The plant specialist, explorer and naturalist Stewart McPherson has commissioned me as cameraman to join him on several leg’s of a filming expedition that will cover the wildlife and human stories of existing conservation projects on each of our own 14 UK Overseas Territories. In conjunction with Kew Gardens, Stewart has researched several key conservation stories and obtained permission to film on Ascension Island, St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha, the British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, the six UK Caribbean Territories, Pitcairn Island, Gibraltar and Akrotiri & Dhekelia in Cyprus and the British Indian Ocean Territories. Our first leg will take us to St. Helena and Ascension Island, where we aim to film nesting sea turtles and land crabs, alongside the volcanic terraforms of this spectacular and wild island.


View the map of our destinations here, and watch out for a link that will track our progress LIVE as we travel around the world on our filming expedition’s to the UK Overseas Territories!


2016 UPDATE: The completed series, Britain’s Treasure Islands has aired on BBC 4 in the UK, and in New Zealand on Choice TV under the title Natures Treasure Islands. The series was also broadcast on the National Geographic Channel.



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