Professional qualifications

‣ RYA Personal Watercraft Certificate of Proficiency
‣ RYA Powerboat Handling Level 2
‣ GMDSS Short Range Certificate
‣ STCW Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques
‣ Seafarer Medical Report Form (ML5) Certificate
‣ AoFAQ Level 2 & 3 – Emergency First Aid At Work (RFQ)
‣ Ex-lifeboat crew member at Sidmouth ILB
‣ Experience on access negotiation and ATA Carnet process (discounted rates through GTC)

I’ve worked as a documentary cameraman since 2008, making a living telling stories and capturing unique images from the hottest coldest and remotest places on the planet. I’ve worked in places such as the icy cathedrals of Antarctica and South Georgia, to the rich reefs of the Indian Ocean, to the wonderful bird colonies of Ascension Island. Previously I worked as a motion graphic designer and was a senior editor in a corporate video production with some very big clients, where I learnt key skills in film-making and camera technology.

The highlights of my career include filming across the British Isles, and sat just off the coast of North Devon is Lundy Island, one of my local favourite places to film & experience the local seal and bird life. But the icing on the cake was filming in Antarctica for over a month and across almost all the UK Overseas Territories including the Falkland Islands, Ascension, St. Helena, Pitcairn, Chagos (Indian Ocean), Gibraltar, and all six of the Caribbean island’s which are administered by the UK, a series we filmed over the course of nearly four years. It then evolved into a four part BBC documentary about the biodiverse UK Overseas Territories, presented by Stewart McPherson called ‘Britain’s Treasure Islands’ which first aired in 2016 on BBC Four, then National Geographic, closely followed by Choice TV in New Zealand, as well as a very attractive and fascinating book written by Stewart himself.

When I’m not shooting documentaries, I continue to film advertising content for large brands in major sectors such as sport, fashion, toy, drinks and the agricultural sector. I’m also proficient with video editing, colouring & shooting to grade with understanding of MLUT’s (CineGamma and SLog), modern video codecs and compression technologies. Naturally this goes hand in hand with software experience, and over my career I’ve used a range of editing and post-production suites, the entire Adobe CC range including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe AfterEffects CC, and previously Final Cut Pro 7.0.

I enjoy every stage of production, taking pride and professionalism in what I do. I regularly produce short films, working closely with a series producer or director from shoot to delivery, generally as a solo or two strong team. Some of these short films have been DCP packaged for screening at local cinemas, and most proudly I have broadcast credits across the globe in 60′ natural history and travel documentary format.

The operational knowledge I have gained ranges with a wide variety of cameras, from 1/3″ – 1/2″ sensor broadcast cameras such as Canon XF305 & the Sony range (PDW-700 & PMW-200), to Super 35 Sony PXW-FS7 and the Sony F5/F55. I also have experience with lighting for interviews and data wrangling on location, sometimes in challenging conditions such as at sea.

Locally where I live I volunteer as a lifeboat crew member, which has taught me many skills for life including first aid and dealing with very stressful situations which can happen all to often out at sea. I enjoy many outdoor activities and exploration, ranging from estuarial and open sea kayaking, surfing, flatland and mountain paragliding, downhill skiing, adventure motorcycling and studying wildlife. I also absolutely love working with people, and it is exactly that cross-over between the great outdoors and people that gets me fired up.

Professional member of BECTU, Guild Television Cameraprofessionals, Wildlife Film and International Association Wildlife Filmmakers