I’ve worked as a documentary cameraman since 2008, making a living telling stories and capturing unique images from the hottest coldest and remotest places on the planet. I’ve worked in places such as the icy cathedrals of Antarctica and South Georgia, to the rich reefs of the Indian Ocean, to the wonderful bird colonies of Ascension Island. Previously I worked as a motion graphic designer and was a senior editor in a corporate video production with some very big clients, where I learnt key skills in film-making and camera technology.

Mr Fox

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/videos/WildStream_MrFox_0309.flv image=wp-content/uploads/videos/WildStream_MrFox_0309.jpg /] He knows he’s being naughty, just look at how flat those ears are against his head. Keep an eye out for more action from Mr Fox this year!

Encounters of the Amphibious Kind

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/videos/WildStream_Amphibious_0309.flv image=wp-content/uploads/videos/WildStream_Amphibious_0309.jpg /] Every year about this time, we find dozens of toads down our driveway! It attracts them because we have wet, humid, dank foliage and woodland on one side of our driveway, and the other side a large pond which must be brimming with stringy eggs by now. Tonight was no exception, and…

Neil’s Story – October 2005

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/videos/WildStream_NeilsStory_0805.flv image=wp-content/uploads/videos/WildStream_NeilsStory_0805.jpg /] Badly shot, unorganised satirical comedy which we totally loved making! “Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce Neil the jailbird … ” Summer fun on the coast, roll on … 🙂